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 Virtuino platform creates amazing virtual screens on your phone or tablet to control every automation system created with arduino or similar boards via Bluetooth or web.


Download Virtuino from play store

 Virtuino Platform supports connections with:

1. Arduino boards (UNO,DUE,Nano,MEGA etc) connected with the modules:

a. HC-05 bluetooth module

b. Ethernet Shield

c. ESP8266 module


2. ESP8266 wifi modules:

ESP8266, NodeMCU ESP8266, WeMos ESP8266


Virtuino supports monitoring sensors values from IoT server ThingSpeak

Virtuino supports Control at the same time more than one Arduino boards

Visualize your Arduino project.
Create visual interfaces with widgets like LEDs, buttons, switches, value displays, instruments, regulators etc.

Easy to use. You need to add only two or three lines to your Arduino code


Download Virtuino Libraries

Tutorials - Getting started


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